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  • 1. What is Good Living?

    Good Living is a Gulf News Subscriber Exclusive Membership Rewards Program. Now in its eighth year, a Good Living Membership gives you access to hundreds of Buy One Get One Free and Value voucher offers across nine lifestyle categories.

  • 2. How do I become a Good Living member?

    All Gulf News print subscribers and their family members residing in the UAE get automatically enrolled into the Good Living program. To access the offers, download the Good Living Mobile App or visit the website, register with your Subscription details and login.

    To subscribe to Gulf News, please visit or call 8004585.

  • 3. I’m a Gulf News subscriber. How can I access my Good Living benefits?

    To enjoy your complimentary membership benefits, just download our free Gulf News Good Living mobile app on your iPhone® or Android™ devices.

    Once you've downloaded the app, complete the easy-to-follow registration process, create your login details and get started.

  • 4. The Gulf News subscription is under my name. Can my spouse or children access Good Living?

    Absolutely! Your Good Living membership benefits also extends to your family members (spouse and children) throughout your Gulf News Subscription term.

    To start accessing the offers, all they need to do is download the free Gulf News Good Living app on their iPhone® or Android™ devices, follow the registration process, create their login and enter your Gulf News subscription number to confirm their relation to you.

    Once they have successfully registered on the app or website, an email will be sent to you confirming your family member’s registration. This is to prevent misuse of your exclusive benefits.

  • 5. Will I be charged if my Good Living benefits are used by my spouse or kids?

    There is no fee on your Good Living membership. The benefits can be shared and accessed for free by the primary Gulf News subscriber, the spouse and children.

  • 6. Can I register myself and my family members on the Good Living program through the website?

    Yes, you can also follow the registration and authentication process on the Good Living website. You can now use your Good Living login details to access all the offers on both website as well as the mobile app.

  • 7.Can I access the Good Living offers from a different device?

    Your Good Living account is not linked to any particular device. To access the offers, all you need to do is download the Good Living app and login with your username and password. Alternately, you can also access the offers through the Good Living website.

  • 8. Is there any limit on the number of offers my family members or I can access in a month on the Good Living website or app?

    There are no limitations on your Good Living membership benefits. You have access to all the discount offers and competitions featured in the Good Living app and website. We have hundreds of discount offers for you to choose from across nine lifestyle categories: Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Shopping, Beauty & Wellness, Health & Fitness, Adventure & Leisure, Children, Home & Garden and Services.

    However, there may be instances where the offer vouchers for download may be limited or the offer period itself may be of a shorter duration, as specified by the business in the offer T&Cs. We strongly recommend you to carefully read through each offer terms and conditions before redeeming it at the outlet.

  • 9.What is the validity period of the Good Living discount offers?

    All our current discount offers are valid for redemption until 31st December 2017, excluding public holidays and other specific days. Please refer to the individual terms and conditions of the participating outlets to learn about exclusions and additional redemption conditions.

  • 10. How do I redeem the Good Living discount offers?

    In any one of the two ways:

    a) Through M-Voucher

    Search for the offer you wish to redeem. Then click on the 'Download Voucher' button to download the M-Voucher to your account on the Good Living app. When you are at the merchant outlet, show the downloaded voucher on the App. The merchant will either enter their pin number on to your downloaded voucher screen or scan the bar code on the voucher to acknowledge their acceptance of the offer.

    b) Through Printed Voucher

    Search for the offer you wish to redeem. Then click on the 'Download Voucher' button. Once you have completed the action, you will receive an email with the voucher details. Simply carry a print out of that email to the outlet at the time of redemption. The merchant will keep the voucher copy with them to acknowledge their acceptance of the offer.

  • 11.When dining or shopping in groups, how many offers can I redeem at a particular merchant outlet?

    If the offer is a flat discount on the total bill, for example: 20% off on your total bill, then only one offer per group is applicable.

    If it is a buy one get one free offer, or a Value Voucher, redemptions will be as per the outlet terms and conditions. Please refer to the individual offer details to confirm the voucher usage limit at a time.

  • 12.Can I share my Printed or M-Voucher with my family and friends?

    Yes you can share a copy of your Printed Voucher with your family members. To redeem the M-Voucher, your family members need to download the app and login. Family members can create their own account on the app and link it to your primary Gulf News subscription.

    We do not encourage sharing your membership benefits with friends, since these benefits are exclusively for our paid subscribers. You may however, gift a Gulf News subscription to your friend who in turn will also receive complimentary access to the Good Living membership as a result of the gift subscription.

  • 13.I have downloaded the Good Living mobile app; however all the discount offers appear locked.

    You may have limited access to the Good Living benefits due to any of the reasons below:

    a) You are not a Gulf News subscriber

    Solution: Visit to subscribe to Gulf News today and get automatically enrolled into the Good Living program. You can also call our customer support at 8004585 to subscribe.

    b) You have not registered on the website or the mobile app

    Solution: Click on the Register button and follow the steps to register and authenticate your registration.

    c) You are a family member of the primary Gulf News subscriber, and have also registered on the mobile app; however, you haven’t authenticated your relation with the primary subscriber.

    Solution: Go to My Account tab under settings on the mobile app or on the top navigation of the website and enter any one of the required details of the primary subscriber to be confirmed as a Good Living member.

  • 14.I tried searching for nearby offers, however the list does not seem to refresh.

    To ensure the nearby offers are updated, please verify whether your phone location setting is on. Alternately, you can also try exiting and restarting the mobile app. However, if you still face the same problem, please call our customer support at 8004585.

  • 15. I was issued a Good Living Discount Card in 2016. The card expiry is on a future date in 2017. Can I access the Good Living discount offers with the card?

    Sorry, we have discontinued with the Good Living discount card. You and your family members can access the Good Living offers by registering on the website or the mobile app (available on Google Play store and Appstore).

  • 16. I haven’t received my Good Living booklet or discount card this year.

    We have discontinued with the Good Living Discount card and the accompanying Good Living offer listings booklet. You can access all the offers included in your subscription benefits through the Good Living website or through the Mobile App.

  • 17.I am interested in partnering with the Good Living program. Whom do I contact to discuss the partnership possibilities?

    To learn more about the Good Living program partnership opportunities, please visit the ‘Partner with Us’ page and complete the enquiry form.

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